Sunday, April 02, 2017

God's Encounters to End the School Year Strong

I've been in a character-building chapter at work. I'm not going to get into the "whys" of this chapter, as He's definitely encouraged me throughout the chapter. I mean, everything that is worthwhile in life is challenging in some way. *wink* *grin*

So I want to post the three sheets that sum up the past two weekends, and I'm not even done yet. Tonight I have a concert in Lawrence to attend, and another one this coming Saturday as well. He's filling me up as I am in the downhill slide at work. Thank You God, for the ENCOUNTERS. This side of Heaven is a TON of Fun.

Please don't misread this, I ADORE every single one of my little people, things have just been more challenging this year. So, He's given me these things to hold onto:

Tonight is Michael W. Smith.

Bethel is about to release a new album, and I pre-purchased and got 3 new songs!

He speaks to me in Music.

Thank You God for ministries during this time in our History. We are blessed beyond measure. *grin*


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