Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Fun

So, I have thought about blogging tons since I posted last, but then something would come up and I just didn't make it here. It's so good to stop, take a moment, and write about what's up. I'm writing this more for me than for you, but, you can read it if you'd like. This Summer is shaping up with some amazingly good memories. *grin*

I've been to Worlds of Fun twice with my friend, Sonya. We have rode the Mamba, the huge roller coaster, several times already. I am now REALLY afraid of heights,(age has brought this on) so as we go up the 205 feet long hill I sing Jesus Loves the Little Children. I'm not even kidding. I don't look around I just look at my feet. Totally. Then when we are about to do the hill, I look up. Sonya said as we were about to go down the first hill at one point, "This is the best part!" I agreed. She grabbed my hand on another trip on the coaster. It's fun to have such a fun friend to ride rides with this Summer. *grin* I still have my hands up, and love every moment of it. *grin*

I did a Royals Game with my brother and sister in law. That was really cool. I think we all got some sun, even with using the sun tan lotion. We had fun, and I was incredibly blessed to spend some time with them. We left before the game was over, but I was glad to see that we had won because lately when I have watched the games, we lose. I was glad we won. *grin*

Last week I also saw Def Leppard and Poison at the Sprint Center with family and friends. The show was a lot of fun, even with it being a blast to the past. *grin* We were up really high, and that kinda had me stressed, but overall it was fun. My brother takes really good care of me at all events like that. I don't listen to either artist any more on a regular basis, but it was fun to sing along with the bands for an evening. Truly.

Tutoring is now underway and I'm enjoying getting in the swing of things by doing game-based activities. The kids have enjoyed it too. I miss the kids, but don't tell them that! *grin*

I purchased a new bed a few weeks ago and am breaking it in. My old bed had been from my childhood. It is so good to have my first "new" bed. Totally. *grin* Sleep has been a big priority this summer, as I HATE the feeling of being tired. It has been fun to sleep, take naps, etc. Very cool.

I'm reading when I can too. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, and I'm enjoying the time to read this Summer. I love it!

This coming week I have various activities planned, with VBS three nights this week.

I love Summer. Love my job, but also love Summer.


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