Friday, August 11, 2017

Challenge Accepted! *giggle* Things That Make Me Happy!

Last night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and discovered a post written by Anna, one of the young ladies that served beside me at camp this Summer. In her post, she challenged us to post something that MAKES US HAPPY. I loved the idea, but found myself doing homework last night for school (Jay isn't happy, people!) and didn't get a blog post written. I did post an update with something positive on FB, but wanted to really rise to the challenge in a post. I found myself today, all day, thinking of what makes me happy. If you haven't done it lately, you should. It will make you smile a lot as you think of ALL the things that make you happy. I'm not sure that this will NOT be all-inclusive, but, I have had fun making my list today. *grin* So, here goes. If you have some time, sharing your "Happy" items would be fun to read. I don't feel I can re-challenge a challenge (giggle), but I do hope it encourages you to read my thoughts. If you choose to not read, that's a-ok too. This is more for me than for you! *grin* Anna, EXCELLENT job, young lady. God has some big things in store for you. *grin*

What makes me HAPPY:

Jay-Kind of a no-brainer, but, I know some people aren't on my social media but read this so I thought I'd open wtiih my post from last night. Jay is my four-legged friend that welcomes me home each day, is excited to see me, loves me unconditionally, we never argue, and I can spend money like I want. Yeah, he's my favorite person. (Hahaha!)

The new pod at work. At my school we have classrooms that are connected by accordion walls. This year we have a NEW pod with Special Education in all four rooms. I can't even explain how much I enjoy it already and I'm only three days into it. I truly feel that this year we will all support each other in a really cool way. I am sorry we can't have five rooms, as one of the Sped Teachers is kinda on an island, but I plan to support her the best I can. As I sat there today with our team, I smiled inside. Everyone I work with truly teaches for the kids. I am blessed. Totally. And, we laughed several times today. Love. It.

Books. Yes, it's a no-brainer if you know me, but I LOVE to read. I just found a new author, and am one book into a series. Ahhhhh. I'm so glad I have a Kindle to read on, as so many books are at my fingertips. *grin* Books definitely make me happy.

Pepsi and M&Ms. I know, it's weird to put food, but, this little pair make me happy. Come on, you like food too! *grin*

My House. I love the home I'm in. While I've had a challenge this summer with some things, that's okay. I like this place. It is a very nice place. I am blessed.

CAMP BARNABAS. This should probably be at the top of my list. For two weeks out of the Summer, and sometimes a weekend in the fall and one in the Spring, I get to go to a bubble full of love. Being born with a limp affects me more than I'd like to admit, and it's always nice to go to a world where it's "normal". I never even prayed for a place like Barnabas, but I'm so glad He led me there. You would have to go there to get it, but, it has changed my life. I have experienced a level of love I haven't found anywhere else. Words cannot explain how happy this little camp in Missouri makes me. Truly.

PEOPLE. The older I get, the more I appreciate the people God has placed in my life. I work hard to love those around me, especially the little people in my life. I adore each kid in my life, more than they will ever know. The adults around me are gems too. Each adult in my life won't know how happy they make me, as it would be weird to tell them. But, I know I'm fortunate to be surrounded by such encouraging souls. You can't put a price on that, but, each and every one blesses me. Totally.

My family. I think A LOT about the family I have due to my line of work. Sometimes I wish my parents could give a crash course in parenting, because they did A LOT right. Sure, they had to learn as they went along like everyone does, and I wasn't the easiest kid, but they did an amazing job. *grin*

My brother is also a gem. He's always willing to help or encourage me when I need it. Several years ago I was having a rough patch and outta nowhere he sent me the nicest card. Like, a real card. With a stamp and everything! It's in a scrapbook. He has no idea what that did for me. *grin* And yes, extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents (all in Heaven now) and everything in-between, I KNOW how blessed I am. We're a "no drama" kind of family, and I was blessed that that was normal for me. Every one of my family members makes me happy.

And, Matt, who is in Heaven, I think about everyday. I got to know him when I first moved to Joplin to teach. I miss him more than anyone I've ever lost to Heaven, as he left us way too soon. I think about him daily. Sorry, didn't mean to go sad there, but MATT made me happy. I can still hear his laugh. We enjoyed roller coasters together, and Wildfire was a highlight for me. That truly makes me happy. Yeah, my family. Not perfect, but gosh they make me happy. *grin*

Social Media. Yes, Social Media makes me happy. I spend a fair amount of time, outside of work *grin*, reading my various feeds. I love it, as I get to stay in touch with camp people (one couple got engaged today!), previous chapter people, and current people within my world. It has also been used in my life to support so many people. I am also blessed that I grew up BEFORE social media. I wouldn't want it any other way. That being said, at my age, it makes me happy now. *grin*

T.V. makes me happy. Daily. I know, some hate the electronic box, but it helps me de-stress on a daily basis. I remember the first TV we had as a family when we were in Seminole, Oklahoma. It only had 13 channels, and you had to walk up to it to change the channels. I think that was the beginning of me falling into love with stories. I know, it can be used for bad things, but not for me. I know what makes me happy, and that is all I watch. Minor? Yeah, but I enjoy the choices we have today in TV Land. It does cost $$$ but that's what I work hard for, so it's okay. It makes me happy.

Living in America. If you know me, you know I think ALL THE TIME. I think a lot about how we don't get to choose some things. We don't choose our parents, our skin color, the country we're born in, the body we're given, or the time period we experience this side of Heaven. God (in my opinion) chose those things. I know how good we have it in America. Perfect? GOSH NO. But, I'm free here. That makes me happy. I don't take it for granted, especially the older I get. It makes me happy to live here. *grin*

Music. I love how music can bring a group of people together, or how God can reach me in song in a way I can't express in words. Music is BIG in my world, and it makes me happy several times each day. Music. Something as easy as lyrics and a beat. Some day some guy will realize how easy it is to make me happy. *giggle* Truly. So, yeah, music makes me happy in a deep, personal way. My heart leaps for people who don't have a connection with books or music like I do. Both can make a person incredibly happy in such an individual way. *grin*

I was about to stop this post, but I did want to mention God. It's not that He's at the bottom of my list or anything, (not at all!) I just pray it's something evident in my life and I don't need to mention it. His place in my life has kept me grounded and loved all these years. Yes, He makes me happy daily.

I guess I could easily go on and on. I know some people that thrive on negativity and drama. That's just not me. Do I have rough days? Sure. But, overall I think I'm a happy person with A LOT of good things in my little corner of the world. I like to laugh with the people in my world, and choose to be happy.

I remember when I was growing up, I had an uncle that had an answering machine (It was like voicemail but on a tape, kids. *giggle*) whose outgoing message said, "Make it a great day!" Sounds about right to me. *grin*

So, there ya go. I have accepted Anna's challenge, and hope you enjoyed reading it.

I think I'll go curl up with my book now. You know how happy that makes me. *giggle*


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