Saturday, August 05, 2017


I sit here tonight, knowing that on Wednesday I report back at work. I'll be honest, I've started on my room, but I am pacing myself. Before I know it, I will be seeing kids and back in the swing of things. *grin* I honestly can't wait to see the kids, as I have truly missed them. Truly. Of course, I won't tell them that though. *giggle*

I have spent the past week deep in thought, and am not sure how this post will unfold. If you don't want to read, it's okay, as this is more for me than for you. *grin*

I have spent quite a bit of time in prayer this summer for this school year. At this point, caseloads haven't been determined so I am not 100% sure what this year will look like, but I have a good idea. Last school year was my hardest one in my teaching career. I think it's pretty good to get to year #18 before it was THAT hard.

I have spent some time pondering it all as I have worked in my classroom. I have zero doubt that I'm here in this season for these students. He made me for this, I also know that that means He will equip me for it. Something I heard early on in life to be true is that, "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy."

That statement has proven to be true over and over again in my life. I'm not afraid of hard work, as that's the gig in my line of work. I do miss some aspects that I had in the beginning of my journey in Education to now. I am praying though for a shift. *grin*

This Summer has flown by, and it's been tons of fun. Between Worlds of Fun trips, Bethel, Camp, and Houston, it's been an incredible time of rest. I've loved it!

At the same time, it's time. *grin*

I'm ready to be in a routine again and teaching little people.

Jay's not ready, but we're easing into the routine again. *grin*

I have a feeling that 2017-2018 will be really good. After all, all of my Safe Schools Lessons are done and it's not even teacher work week. *giggle*

My 19th year of teaching. Wow. Feels like it was yesterday, so I plan to make each day count. *grin*


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