Saturday, January 06, 2018

Happy Feet....A Walk to the Mailbox

This week it has been stupid-cold and I have avoided the walk to the mailbox. I just couldn't get the strength to go back out in the cold, until yesterday. It was an INCREDIBLY good walk to the mailbox. *grin* I saw an envelope from a former student and immediately smiled. *grin*

Inside the envelope, was a plain piece of notebook paper. What was written on that paper has had me smiling ever since. I didn't go into teaching to make tons of money, I did it to make a difference in the lives of young people. Letters like the one I received from this young man, remind me how making a kid feel like somebody is key this side of a Heaven.

You may be wondering what the letter had in it that touched me so much. You'll be surprised to hear that it wasn't just what he wrote in the letter. What touched me was the fact that this young man was in my class 9 years ago, and he's now a high school graduate. (Yeah!) I am NOT surprised that he graduated, as he's an extremely intelligent young man. The reason it touched me was that nine years later, is that he took time out of his life to write me a letter on a piece of notebook paper. I LOVED IT!

The young man that wrote it was nicknamed Happy Feet at my previous school because of the way he danced with his feet. He made us smile was he did it too. It was fun to me to see him dance and laugh.

I love how I'm in the student's lives to teach them, but in return they often touch mine too. *grin*

The step to the mailbox was worth shivering to get that letter. I plan to add it to my scrapbook.

A letter on a piece of notebook paper...not a greeting card or anything special. But, that piece of paper means a lot to me.


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