Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Best

Today was a rough kinda day. I know, it's hard to believe that I would have a rough day, but that's what happened. *grin*

Okay, well, it wasn't REALLY rough.

No one died.

No one is seriously injured.

I have a friend who recently reminded me of that a few weeks back, and then with Emma passing, I guess it's just now really sinking in.

I did want to blog, just because I can, that in some moments today where I was thinking, "I've done my best, over and over again, and it's not good enough" I heard that still, small, voice say, "It is your best, and I see it. You're just fine."

Then I smiled.

I remember a few years back that I wondered if I ever got in a situation, what if my best isn't good enough?

Nah, not possible because I can't do more than my best.

He is proud of me. He sees all the hours I put in, and how deeply I care for my students. *grin*

He sees it.

Seems to me, that's all I need for tonight.


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