Friday, May 11, 2018


I spent last weekend in Springfield, Missouri and attended the Live to Love Conference at Dayspring Church. It was the second conference I have attended there, and I LOVED every moment of it. I could spend this time sharing who led what session and what each session entailed, but I won't. I want to share what I've been pondering since then. It was truly an amazing weekend full of all kinds of God Moments. *grin*

Will Hart is becoming one of my favorite speakers in the word of God. I was inspired and challenged to go deeper in God than I have in a long time. I love how God provides conferences like that to reach my heart in pivotal times in my world. I've been blessed. I took more notes in those five sessions than I have all year. God knows what season I'm in and what I need to walk through this chapter into my next one. *grin*

I woke up this morning to clouds, thunder, and a short rain shower. In those moments, I remembered a quote from last weekend, "I don't want to be a cloud without rain." I feel like that kinda sums up my thoughts and feelings right now as I spend time with my students. I want to be so full of joy and love these last 2 weeks of school that the kids remember fun and love, not sadness as I move on.

Meaning, I don't want to be a rain cloud that isn't full of rain. I want to be so filled up in the Lord that I have nothing but love, patience, and kindness within me. *grin*

This afternoon, one of the other teachers in our pod opened the curtain and said, "Can you give my buddy a hug? I need a moment." I held this little dude while he worked through his emotions. I'll be honest, I loved it, every single moment of it.

I came back filled up, and am blessed because of that.

After all, it would be a bummer to be a cloud and not have any rain to share, wouldn't it?


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