Monday, August 06, 2018

Adapting to Change *grin*

I'm going to just dive right in because I see sleep in my near future. *grin*

I have now been at my new job 16 days, and am SO EXCITED to finally start working with people. I've enjoyed training, as much as a person can anyway. I adore the people I am running with for this season, and it's so good! *grin* Every day someone says something encouraging, and I treat it like it's not a big deal, but it makes me smile more than they'll ever know. I know this is where He has me for this season. Truly.

I'll admit, I've had moments of wanting to be back where I was at, but I think that's normal. I've only had two new work environments (this is my third) as an adult out of college. So, change isn't my idea of fun. However, I'm adapting and taking it day by day. *grin*

It makes me think about the first couple days of work there, and what a transition it was for me. I went from a classroom to a cubicle for training. Online training. Not my idea of fun, if I'm being honest. I'm made to be around people, so I've been itching to meet everyone!

Guess what I did though? So, on day #2 I took my headphones. It's not uncommon for people to be wearing headphones in the cubicle and I figured "why not?" So, I took my earbuds. Now, don't laugh AT ME when I share this story, laugh WITH ME. *giggle*

So, I got to work, got out my phone, my headphones, and was stumped. My new phone didn't allow me to use my previous headphones. Honestly, I hadn't paid attention to the place to put the headphones, and I sat there bummed. I REALLY love music (as most of you know) and I REALLY wanted tunes while I read tons of online work. So, I sighed and pushed through without the music. That night I went to Walmart and bought some cheap over-the-ear headphones. (Earbuds hurt my ears!) As I was checking out, I realized I got the wrong ones. I thought I had blue tooth ones, and it was clear that I didn't. *sigh* I went ahead and bought them simply because I didn't want to walk back to electronics to return them. *sign* I go to Walmart once a week, so I could return them later. On the drive home, it hit me, I had been missing something I had all along!

See this little piece? There is probably some scientific name for it, but I will call it the ADAPTER that saved me! *grin* It was attached to my new earbuds case, but I didn't understand what it was for, until that moment! I can't tell you how happy I was and what I've learned since then. *grin*

See, change is tough for me. Really tough. And what I've learned so far is that change is good. Really good. Sure, I probably would have said that before I walked through this, but I wouldn't have had the experience to say it like I do now. For example:

I learned today that a co-worker has the same music taste that I do. How cool is that?

And, one day last week I fell in the parking lot. Today a co-worker shared how she loved that I got right back up and started walking. I didn't even know she saw me. How cool is that?

Today I was in a meeting where I had prepared a powerpoint, and the team thought it was GREAT! How cool is that?

I learned how to do a new task at work today, and some people I already knew came in for it! How cool is that?

Okay, I could go on and on. Seriously. Over and over again He's showing me that I'm where I need to be for this chapter. *grin*

Tomorrow I begin with my small group. I cannot even explain how pumped I am for this, and to see who I get to lead for this chapter.

So, yeah, change isn't my idea of fun. EVER. But sometimes, He leads us and shows us, it's really okay.

We just have to remember the adapter as we walk through it. *grin*

Now it's time to read & sleep! *giggle*

AWESOME...when you roll with the new and adapt to the change. *grin*

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