Friday, September 07, 2018

I Love Meeting New People!!! *grin*

This has been a REALLY good week. I mean, weeks of training led up to today, AND I LOVED IT!

Okay, back up, I was scheduled to start in our Kansas office on Tuesday (Holiday was Monday!) and opted to wait because I had a new computer to have set up in my new office. I also still had to work in the Missouri office, so I was going to move into it on Wednesday. It rained Wednesday, so I waited until yesterday. I had various meetings on the days leading up to Thursday, so it worked out well.

On Thursday I arrived early, and no one was there. I was slightly bummed, as I worked REALLY hard to be on time. At the same time, I was thankful for current technology and was able to message my boss and wait for the person to arrive and let me in. He arrived shortly after that, and I moved stuff in and got situated. I must admit, I didn't want to move to the Kansas office, but once I got moved in I LOVED IT!


At the Missouri building I have a cubicle. At the Kansas office, I have my own OFFICE. I can shut the door and everything! *grin* I don't shut my door because my co-workers are hysterical. However, it's nice to be able to shut a door if I want to do so. *grin* Okay, that's partly true, I will share the room with co-workers, but not everyday. *grin* So cool!

I also like that the Kansas office is in a safer part of the metro than the Missouri one. Don't get me wrong, the Missouri office is okay, but I wouldn't hang out there alone at night or anything! (I don't, just saying...) As much as I dreaded the move, I like it a lot. *grin*

Today, wow, today was my favorite day so far in the new job. I went to the first high school in the metro where I'm teaching a transition class to students with disabilities. I was NERVOUS, and it was my first powerpoint presentation in this job, BUT, I loved it. Each of the students reminded me a little bit of my former students over the years. I had to smile, it was fun to be meeting new people and teaching again. Very cool! (I only teach one hour per class per week. Right now I only have one school, but I'm working to add more.)

I had three kids in the beginning of class that had heads down and just didn't want to be there or want me to be there. I took out my teacher tricks, and by the end of class they all had their heads up and were somewhat participating. They were at least kind, after I stopped one person from being vocal. *grin* It was clear that they didn't expect the teacher side of me to show up! I LOVED IT! *grin* They don't know what's in store for them. *giggle* I love building relationships with students, so this will be very cool!

This afternoon we had a social event with adults with disabilities. That fun part is that I know most of them now, so it was like a family reunion of sorts. I'd love to sit with each of them and hear their life stories, but, I'll take it one step at a time. I enjoyed pouring into a couple of them this afternoon, and there was a lot of laughter by everyone.

This job, isn't all what I expected...but now that the schedule picked up and I'm building relationships, this has been my favorite week so far. I love meeting people and pouring into them, so I feel like I'm home. *grin*

A new office.
Safe area of town.
I can park in the actual lot in Kansas.
Quiktrip down the street.
My own office.
New Kids.
A family reunion today at the social event.



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