Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Evening Reflections

Hi! I sit here tonight thinking I want to blog, but am not sure what it's going to look like. So, I'll just see where this takes me, and whether you read it or not, I will have it for me. *grin*

This past week I learned A LOT in my job. Some of the things I learned included:

1. People call the place where I work for support. Most of the time we figure out how we can connect people to the resources they need. I felt bad though when a gal called and just wanted money for a medical issue. I had to explain that we don't just give out money, we hook people up with the resources they need. It wasn't easy, but I learned I can let people down in a gentle way and life goes on.

2. I added two classes to my week, and honestly thinking every kid I am in contact with is beautiful in their own way. I'm with high schoolers, which is a different population for me to teach, but I love it. I'm hoping to add one more school, at least. Life is more fun in the field teaching than in the office. *grin*

3. I spent 2.5 hours one day with a person applying to become a US Citizen. Yes, he has a disability, so that's how he qualified for my assistance. Let me tell you, I have a whole new respect for people who are wanting to stay here. Not only did we fill out over 40 pages of an application, after that we did about a 15 page waiver because it costs over $1000 to just file that paperwork. Let me tell ya, by the end of the 2.5 hours, I now have a deep, deep respect for people wanting to stay. I pray for that person, and everyone else in his position. I take being an American for granted. I finally got that. Deeply.

4. I spent some time with a co-worker, and once again had confirmation that I'm where I'm supposed to be for now. God clearly put this gal in my life, and I didn't realize how much I had been longing for a gal like this to spend time with on a daily basis. I am blessed, and smiling. *grin*

5. We had a training for us to have the ability to help individuals register to vote, to vote, and understand the ballots. Let me tell ya, I know more about the ballot now than I ever have and feel ready for the next election. We are also a general polling place, so anyone in the metro can vote there. Yes, that day is nuts, but I love it.

6. Finally, I love where I work. Everyday is a new learning curve, but, it's fun and everyday I thank God for the job. Truly.

Okay, time to read & sleep. I'm ready for the work week to begin!


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