Saturday, January 12, 2019

Snowy Day Thoughts *grin*

I'm in pajamas watching the snowfall today. It is beautiful, and I loving seeing the snow fall to the ground. I've filled my social media posts with pictures and decided to write a post prior to the big Chiefs game. *grin* My mind is so full of thoughts, and we'll see where we land. I mean, this is more for me than you. I say that every post, but it's true. *grin*

I am still loving the job. I started at a new school yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had been in a couple character-building classes, so it was nice to have one that I KNOW I'll really enjoy. *grin* I even got to drive in the rain & snow on the way to and from. Fortunately nothing was sticking at that point. *grin* I am getting to know different staff members, which has been fun. It's been such a neat experience, as I was so prayerful when I left my old job because I REALLY cared a lot about the people I worked with. Part of the challenge of learning about my new co-workers is the fact we have such small teams, but, it's happening.

Yesterday we had a Red Friday, which was my first time to wear an actual Chiefs shirt. *grin* We had a photo shoot, trivia competition (I didn't do well. Hahaha!), and popcorn. *grin* The photo shoot was a ton of fun! I loved it! *grin* Come on Chiefs! *grin* I mean, just the Kansas City Spirit alone this week (fountains, buildings, and of course, TWP staff photo *grin*) was fun to watch. *grin*

We also had The Gathering on this past Thursday night. I'm a Story Teller, or table leader, this year and am SO VERY THANKFUL to have this opportunity. We had a great lesson, worship, and small group time. My Small Group Table had some incredibly sweet ladies and our conversation was so good! I have missed that (gone in November, and we didn't have it in December) and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of the women. *grin* I can't wait for our next meeting on February 7th! *grin*

Jay is asleep beside me. I still find this so sweet. You'd think I would be used to this, but I'm still enormously blessed by this little furry kid daily. *grin* He's a gem. Totally. *grin*

Finally, I want to mention my book. I'll be transparent and say the past few months I wasn't buying great books to read. I was doing the cheap ones, and while good, they didn't grab me. I read The Hate You Give in no time, and HIGHLY recommend it. *grin* Right now I'm reading All Rights Reserved. I HIGHLY recommend this book too! I'll be honest and say these books have made me enjoy reading even more. *grin* I LOVE THAT! Every once in a while a book will do that for me. *grin*

So, I think I'll logout, let Jay out, and get back to my book. *grin*

Go Chiefs AND JAYHAWKS! *grin*

AWESOME. *grin*

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