Thursday, February 07, 2019

Weirdest Weather Day to Remember*giggle*

I took an unexpected day off today due to the weirdest weather that I can recall in my life. I realize it may not be, as I don't remember all weather activity from my childhood. *grin*

In the span of yesterday, I went to the office with it lightly raining. I went and taught and returned to the office in a light rain as well. I got to the office and it was cold, but I didn't think much of it. I knew the previous weather pattern was supposed to work it's way out of the area by noon.

When I was sitting at my desk, I had a weather notification of an ice warning.

I was surprised. Clearly, the forecast changed. *giggle*

When it was time to leave, it wasn't doing anything. I figured we weren't in for much more weather. I was wrong. *grin*

By the time I was home, it was cold & wet out, but nothing unusual.

A friend was over and we enjoyed talking through all the world's problems. *giggle* It's our favorite thing to do. *giggle*

I received a text from family stating both my brother and sister in law had a snow/ice day today. I had tentatively prepared my heart for a snow day. Or, a snow morning. If I thought it was a true snow day, I would have stayed up later.

My friend left and I let Jay out. It was sleeting. I told Jay it was time to sleep.

When I climbed in bed we had thunder, lightening, and sleet. I was floored. I was also tired, so I went to sleep.


I woke up today to a sheet of ice outside. My street, driveway, even my back porch has a layer of ice. From what I understand we're going to have another super cold snap. I know on social media people are tired of winter. I get it.

Can I be real and tell you that I love having a true Winter? I saw on Channel 9 that last Winter we had 5 inches of snow, and this winter we have had 24 inches. *giggle* Honestly, I love it. I mean, we truly get all four seasons here and I love it!

I plan on attempting to go to work tomorrow, however I won't be stupid. Most districts in the area have canceled for tomorrow and I won't be teaching tomorrow because that district is out too. *giggle*

I've enjoyed today. I took a nap, baked cookies, and have watched SEVERAL SVU episodes. *giggle*

So, while the weather was all over the map yesterday, life is good.

At this rate, I can't wait to see what's next in the weather. *giggle*

AWESOME...especially when I can do pjs all day! *giggle*

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