Friday, November 01, 2019

A Memorable Conversation

I am diving right in tonight, as I'm tired but want to remember something from today in detail. I had a conversation today with someone who's body is failing. I don't feel that sharing her name would be fair, however, you don't need it to understand this story.

I found out earlier this week that a dear friend has Cancer throughout her body. I was taken aback and she's been in the back of my mind since. Various opportunities to help her have been posted (the internet is an incredible tool in this way) and I volunteered to take her ice today. Fortunately, a couple friends were also in a helping mood. One person donated a refrigerator for her so that she doesn't have to go up and down stairs quite so much. Someone I work with raised a nice chunk of change for her too.

Today I went with a co-worker and we delivered the refrigerator. What followed was a conversation I hope I never forget.

My friend is dealing with some major pain, fatigue, and significant limitations in her world. She shared with me that sleeping for her isn't like it is for most people anymore. She sleeps, then is up for a while, and sleeps, and it goes on like that 24/7. I can only imagine the limitations she's adjusting to and how hard it must be. What she actually said was something like:

This is a new chapter I guess. I think with every chapter in life there's a lot of change. But it's okay, even with my new limitations, I'm glad to be alive. I'm adjusting to my limitations and I still want to be as independent as possible. I want to do the little things while I still can.

That wasn't all of it, but that's what stuck with me. She's a wise gal. She was given three months to a year to live, as Cancer is throughout her body. She is shooting for longer, and I wouldn't be surprised if she does live longer. She's a fighter. *grin*

I walked away changed in ways I can't quite put into words. I've always adored this gal, and I do have more days on the calendar to go visit her. I am glad too. I'm always amazed at how "at peace" people are in that situation. She definitely has a peace that inspired me today.

I've pondered her A LOT since I went to her house. I think each person that crosses our path is for a reason and teaches us something. The gal I saw today has blessed me repeatedly throughout the time I've known her. I'm praying for her to be with us as long as possible. At the same time, Heaven is ready when it's time.

There's no Cancer in Heaven.

Seems to me that when she does go home, that will be beautiful too.

Hug your loved ones folks. It can all change in the blink of an eye.


It's not always easy, but, it's good. *grin*

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