Friday, November 29, 2019

To PD From TSO

Dear PD,

I know you're known as Papa Daryl to a lot of people, and that is so fitting for you. You will always be PD (Pastor Daryl) to me. I realize that even as I type this, God may call you Home. Part of my heart breaks, as I've been contending for healing in your body. At the same time, I've come to realize that where you're headed is where you're called to be. I'm excited for you, and sad for us. I hate C, but gosh you've taught so many of us in this season. I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much you taught me in my season at New Song.

I didn't know that day at Cecil Floyd Elementary when you came to talk to our mutual friend, Pam, would change my life in such a good way. You were so kind and simply gave me your card and invited me to church. I've thanked God several times over the years for that meeting.

Over time I enjoyed getting to know you, Deb, and the New Song family. I am so very thankful for the foundation you put in my heart in the things of the Lord. I had my first prophetic word there, which solidified so many things that I still hold dear to me today.

Everyone that asks me about my history of God, I tell about you & Deb. You did so many things for the young gal that I was in that season as I navigated singleness, living alone, and my first flood in my apartment. *grin* You were the one that taught me how to turn off my water, and we worked together to clean up the mess. THANK YOU. I smile when I think about that night, as I realize how young I was in that apartment, and how good you and Deb were to me. I look back on that season with a smile and love the family you became to me during that season.

I love how you walked me through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I'll ALWAYS be grateful for that. Thank you. It shifted my entire walk with Him. When I share my testimony, you are part of it. *grin*

I admired how you and Deb were so transparent with the New Song family. I truly felt like we were our own little family, and unconditional love was prevalent throughout that season. I'll never forget Deb teaching me not to settle for a spouse and what waiting meant for her as He made a way for you two to be together. I've held that deep in my heart all these years. *grin*

You and Deb were such good role models for me as a new believer, and I smile now as I reflect upon that. You (PD) never crossed any boundaries with me, and always had a father's heart toward me. Thank you. I'm so very thankful for the two of you.

When I first heard that you had C, I prayed and felt you'd beat it. Truly. When I read your post earlier this week, my heart sank. That Thanksgiving post is one that has impacted me & you haven't been far from my mind since.

Your positivity during the past few months on social media has inspired me. You know where you're headed and are at peace. For that, I am thankful. I want you out of pain and in paradise, as much as that breaks my heart for us. I'm praying for your family during this season. The party that's coming in Heaven when you arrive is going to be an amazing one.

You're leaving behind a lot of people who are closer to God today because of the way He used you in our lives. Thanks for your obedience. You won't be forgotten. You set an amazing example of the Father for all of us. Thanks.

Ohhhhh, what did Tigger find in the toilet? Pooh. *giggle*

Well, you enjoy jokes, as you've posted them a lot on FB. I thought I'd give you one more. *giggle*

Thanks for everything. You'll never know how much I adore & love you and Deb this side of Heaven.

With Love,
In Christ,
(PD's nickname for me as TSO-The Short One)

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